After an overwhelming response to our previous article, 4 signs your sleep habits are ageing you, we decided to dive deeper into all things sleep wrinkles. You might not have heard the name, but you’ve most likely seen them - sleep wrinkles are the creases and folds that appear on your face, thanks to your nightly sleeping position.

When repeated each night, over time, these markings can become less of something that fades away during the morning but rather a real-life wrinkle that’s here to stay.

Like most anti-ageing tactics, it’s all about prevention.

Why? Because prevention is often more effective and less expensive than applying a correction. By implementing smart anti-sleep wrinkle solutions now, we can prevent wrinkles from creeping up later down the track.

Keep reading to learn our 4 sleep wrinkle prevention tactics and how avoiding premature ageing isn’t as hard as you think!


1. Take note of how you’re sleeping

There’s a reason why the likes of Jennifer Lopez regularly note their sleeping positions when describing the secret behind their fountain of youth.

When we sleep on our stomach, we’re literally pushing our skin into our pillow or find our hands making their way onto our face during the night. These two habits contribute significantly to the appearance of sleep wrinkles as we’re folding and creasing our skin throughout the night.

If you’re worried about lines and wrinkles, consider making the switch to sleeping on your back as it lessens the risk of creasing your skin throughout your sleep.

Now, we get it. It doesn’t always feel the most comfortable to make the switch to sleeping on your back, which is why many like to add support pillows to your sides to help keep you in that age-defying sleep position.

The things we do for beauty, right?!


2. Up your evening skincare game

Making a long-term change to the appearance of your skin doesn’t happen overnight, but rather comes in the form of a proper skincare routine. We’ve spoken at length about the importance of removing your makeup before bedtime but once you’ve cleansed your skin, what should you be applying?

If anti-ageing is your number one goal, night-time skincare products containing Vitamin A should be your go-to. This powerhouse skincare ingredient is responsible for boosting the cell turnover of your skin which ultimately leads to skin that renews much quicker than those that don’t use Vitamin A.

However, this ingredient packs a punch so be sure to start by applying every other night or chat to your skin professional about the best course of action for your skin.


3. Get that circulation pumping

A fantastic way to give your skin a wake up in the morning, whilst supporting the reduction of lines and wrinkles, is by boosting your circulation. Poor circulation is a contributor to creases in the skin and by kickstarting it each morning, we’re putting life back into our complexions.

The easiest way is by a simple facial massage in the morning.

One of our favourite things about adding a facial massage into your morning routine is that it’s a total win-win! You’re not only adding some anti-ageing magic into your routine but also a seamless self-care moment.

If you’re looking for something a little more special than your hands, consider picking yourself up a rose quartz roller or a Gua Sha tool. Both facial tools have been designed to boost circulation within the skin, aid lymphatic drainage and support the penetration of your skincare products. Concentrating on the contours of your eyes, cheekbones, jawline, and brow bone, you’re able to boost the blood flow to your face, plump out creases and welcome a fresh glow to your complexion.


4. Reduce friction with Silvi

Fortunately, one of the most common causes of sleep wrinkles is one of the easiest to fix!

It all comes down to the type of bedding you’re using and thankfully, you’ve come to the perfect place. Many forms of bedding, particularly pillowcases, use coarse fabrics that grip the skin, creating friction, rather than allowing it to seamlessly slide across it.

These fabrics that are holding onto the skin are more likely to contribute to permanent lines and wrinkles during your sleep. Your cotton high-thread-count pillowcase might feel “soft”, but over the course of hundreds of hours, those gripping fibres all add up!

Alternatively, pillowcases and bedding such as our Mulberry silk and bamboo lyocell lineup allow the skin to seamlessly glide across your pillowcase for a frictionless sleep. This is fantastic for snoozers that toss and turn during the night, as you won’t have to worry about the downsides that can impact your skin and hair.

Looking for a sleep wrinkle solution?

Minimise the effects of sleep wrinkles with our silky smooth bedding options, available in high-grade Mulberry silk or our vegan bamboo lyocell options. Visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

September 22, 2021 — Ben Goodman