Do you wake up from a night’s sleep with a mane that gives Simba a run for his money? As much as a lion can pull off that look, we can’t say it’s working for us.

For most beauty lovers, their evening routine is loaded with steps featuring lotions, potions, and everything in between for their skin. But when it comes to their hair, a quick ponytail seems to be where things are left.

If you’re experiencing breakage, dryness, frizz or want to preserve your coloured hair, it’s time to start incorporating some haircare into your evening beauty ritual. The best part? Many hair care hacks will work their magic whilst you catch up on that necessary beauty (quality) sleep!

Here’s some of our favourite tried and tested tips.

Avoid going to sleep with wet hair

Let’s face it. We’re all guilty of falling asleep with wet hair at some stage in our lives, but try to not make a habit of it.

One of the easiest ways to give love back to our hair whilst we snooze is by ensuring it’s not sopping wet when our head hits our pillow. This is because our hair is at its weakest when it’s wet which leads to unwanted breakage and friction.

When we sleep with wet hair, it eventually dries overnight but not in the smooth and sleek way you would be hoping. Whilst you move throughout your sleep, your hair is twisting and turning and eventually, drying and setting in that position. The next morning, you’re confronted with a hairdo that resembles Medusa and a lot of styling work ahead of you - definitely not the time-saver in the end!

Apply a leave-in treatment before bed

Time-poor readers are going to love this tip!

A hair mask or hair treatment should play a role in your weekly hair care routine but sometimes, you don’t have the spare time to let it process and then wash out. This is where applying a leave-in treatment comes in. By applying a hair mask to your hair prior to falling asleep, you’re treating your hair to an intense overnight treatment that is tackling your key hair concerns.

It’s recommended to find a product that is working specifically towards your hair type and condition; whether that be addressing hydration levels, frizz, coloured or treated hair or nourishment. This will ensure you’re making the most of your overnight treatment and wake up with the hair goals you’ve been (literally) dreaming of.

Depending on your individual hair, you can add this into your evening routine once or twice per week and secure it with a sleeping cap, silk scarf or loosely tied scrunchie.

This isn’t a time for high ponytails

On the topic of a loosely tied scrunchie, this is the approach you should be taking when deciding to tie your hair up before bed. Similarly, to sleeping with wet hair, if you have long hair, sleeping with it untied can lead to unwanted breakage and knots the next morning where a loosely tied bun can help keep everything in place.

When grabbing a hair tie for your evening routine, step away from the metal and rubber hair ties as they’re particularly harsh on the hair and can cause pulling and breaking (they’re also super uncomfortable to sleep on). Instead, turn to more gentle fibres, such as silk scrunchies. A loose top knot will help you to avoid laying on your hair all night and the unruliness that can come with it.

Alternatively, for those with particularly thick and frizzy hair, a loose braid can work wonders to keep your hair secured and also see you waking up with effortless waves! Bonus!

Keep the moisture in your hair, and not on your pillowcase

The best hair care products can work as hard as possible, but if they’re up against a friction-clad pillowcase, they’re in for a difficult night ahead.

Traditional pillowcases, most commonly cotton, are renowned for depleting moisture from the hair which leads to inevitable dryness and dehydration within the hair and scalp. This rougher fibre also does not allow for easy movement throughout the night which leads to the hair being pulled and friction contributing to unwanted frizz.

It’s this impact on hair health that’s seen beauty lovers from across the globe make the switch to silk pillowcases and never look back! Our silk pillowcases are 45% smoother than cotton which prevent the excessive damage and pulling that can occur during your slumber.

Silk and its vegan-approved counterpart, bamboo lyocell, both help your hair maintain its natural moisture, oils, and the ingredients of your hair treatments in your hair itself and not on your pillowcase. As these fibres don’t absorb that present moisture, it stays where it counts most and welcomes healthier, shinier, and happier hair each morning!

Looking for hair care while you sleep?

If you’re investing in hard-working treatments and haircare products, you’re about to see skyrocketed results as they can get down to business more effectively than on a cotton surface. With over 1,000 5-star reviews, we’re seriously putting the shine back into shiny hair!

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October 09, 2021 — Ben Goodman