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Based on 863 reviews
Great pillow, but wish I'd bought a second

This pillow cover is so nice to sleep on that it's really hard to motivate myself to take it off to wash it. Need to buy a second. Not entirely sure how it's effected my skin as my skin is incredibly temperamental and I feel I'd need six plus months to make an assessment. But I do know I like it!

Thank you so much for sharing this, Alex! :)

Nice product

This is a very nice product. Luxurious in fact! But as yet no significant change to the acne

Thank you for your feedback, Jacqui! :)


Bought 2! One for me - one as a gift!
Super comfy & luxurious feel.

Thank you for your review, Roseanne! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case
Rebecca Papadopoulos
Lovely pillowcases

Lovely soft pillowcases and they seem to be helping my teen sons acne, even after only 2 weeks. Very happy.

Thanks for sharing this, Rebecca. We're glad you're happy with your purchase! :)


The pillow case is really nice to sleep on, but I’ve been using it now for a few weeks and I am yet to see any improvement in my skin

Thank you for your feedback, Alexa!

Haven’t used it yet.

Hi, I haven’t used my pillow case yet as it’s too cold! I’ll wait until the weather warms up again.

Thank you so much for this, Natalie! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Eye Mask
Christine Smythe
Sleep Mask

Absolutely Love my Silvi Sleep Mask.
So comfortable and lovely feel on my skin. I wear it every night and it was especially nice to have when I went on a mini vacay and the hotel rooms weren’t dark enough.

Thank you so much for your review, Christine! :)

My son has only been using the pillowcase for one week, but I think I have already started to notice a difference. The complexion of his skin seems to be improving.

Thanks for your review, Della. We're glad you're happy with your pillowcase. :)

Pillow cases

We have just received our pillowcases - only one week in and we can already see results on my daughters face. Very generous size also, so will fit any pillow. Thanks for the great product.

Thanks for your review, Janette! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case

Love it! I’m 42 and have been struggling with acne and pimples for a long time…it’s now clearing up!

Thanks for the love, Melissa!

Pillow case

My husband has been using the silvi pillow case and loves it. He has sensitive skin after shaving but this pillow case has been very soft and soothing for him.

Thank you for your review, Tarah! :)

Great Service

Full marks for service, delivery and packaging. I can’t comment on the product as it’s a Christmas gift for my daughter, so I have stashed it away. But it’s been a good experience so far. 🙂

Thank you so much for your review, Deborah!

Great product

The silk pillowcase feels amazing and it's reassuring knowing that I don't have to worry about an unhygienic pillowcase making my acne worse. Of course there are larger issues at play, ie gut health, detoxification and liver function, but acne is a multifaceted problem and this is a welcome part of the solution. Thank you for all that you do

Thank you for this, Lisa! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case
Charina Marasigan
Love love love

I love my new eye mask and pillow. They are super soft. I definitely worry less about putting my face on my pillow like I use to! That in itself has help improve my sleep! Still waiting to see the effects on my acne! But already seems better!!

Thank you for the LOVE, Charina! :)


I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this pillow case. Cleared my skin up so much (not completely but definitely noticeable in the first 2-3 weeks I used the case). My hair is less frizzy when I wake up and it feels super nice to sleep on. I would, and have, recommended this product and brand to my friends.

Thank you so much for your review, Leigh! :)

Really works

Love my Silvi

Love my Silvi. I am in my 60's and I noticed straight away the difference in my skin. The texture and fine lines on my face have improved with using Silvi and less mositure loss..... very happy.

Thanks for your feedback, Roselle. :)

Silva pillow cases

Bought the pillow cases for my daughter as she has a battle with acne, and although she has only been using it for the last 2 weeks she has found her skin has improved she is very happy

Thank you. Sue! We're glad you're happy with your purchase. :)

They have helped my daughter, her face isn’t breaking out anymore.

Thanks for sharing this, Michele! :)


Bought for my daughter who's acne has cleared considerably since using. She also loves the feel of it on her skin & hair.

Thank you so much for this, Sherryn! :)

Best Pillow Case EVA!

Its so soft, so comfortable and keeps your face cool. I have bought about 4 pillow cases in total cant get enough

Thank you for sharing this, Laurin!

Nice and soft

I'm a YouTube influencer and I bought this with my own money. These are nice and soft. Please don't dry them in a dryer. Follow instructions

Thank you so much for your review, Peyton! Cheers.

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case
Katherine Christopher
Stays cool

Feels very silky my fav pillow case

Thanks for this, Katherine!

Silvi Pillow Cases

Great Product originally order for my teenage son and have now ordered them for the whole family

Thank you so much for your review, and purchases, EA! :)